My holiday in France and Spain!!! By Polly

It looks like you are having a fun time in Sweden, Mr Stace.

I have just got back from Spain! We drove in our car to France and it took 3 days to get there. We stopped in the Loire and the Dordogne (I call it the DoingDoing!). On the second day I ate Escargots which is cooked snails!

They tasted of grass and garlic, I loved them! We stayed in a campsite called Les Alicourts in the Loire, when we left we saw thousands of Deux Chevauxs (2Cvs) on a rally. These are really cute french cars. Then we drove to the DoingDoing to a campsite with a heated pool. I swam in it in the rain!

The next day we drove to Spain to a campsite in Calella, which is on the Costa Brava. We stayed there for two and a half weeks. Most of the time we went to the beach, swam in the sea and jumped off rocks. I did some snorkelling sometimes and saw some amazing fish. I caught some tiny little fish and Mum caught two shrimps and a hermit crab (I put them back in the sea afterwards).

We went to a beach where we went on a pedalo with a SLIDE! Woohoo! We pedalled out to where the sea was deeper (and colder!), then we all had a go. It was fun! One day, on the pool floor I found a lizard, and a few days later he was there again drinking water, and he drunk drops of water from my finger! I called him Gary the Lizard.

We went to the Dali museum in Figueres. Dali was a really weird artist who made sculptures and paintings. Will got a Dali moustache T-shirt! The best thing in Figueres was the hot chocolate and churros (these are really sugary long donuts that you dip in really thick hot chocolate. Mum was in heaven.) We made some friends on the campsite and found out that they live really near us in Herne Hill. They lent us their boat, I jumped and fell of the side lots! Me and Will played draughts on the beach a lot. I won once. One day we went to the botanical gardens. They are large gardens on a giant hillside above the sea. I saw some amazing views. There was a cactus garden with loads of fluffy cactuses that looked weird.

Here are some photos


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5 Responses to My holiday in France and Spain!!! By Polly

  1. Class 5AS says:

    Wow Polly! What a fabulous holiday you’re having. You have seen so much and travelled so far in a relatively short space of time. I bet your mum and dad are fed with driving!

    Those donuts dipped in thick hot chocolate sound absolutely divine! Great photos too!

  2. Polly says:

    Thank you very much for your comment Mr Stace. Dad didn’t really mind driving (he went quite fast) 😉 Although it was a ‘bit stressful’ around Paris but we got to see the Eiffel tower! There and back again was about 1700 miles. We went on the Euro Tunnel which was fun.

    I hope it’s still sunny in Sweden, it’s raining here. 😦

  3. Class 5AS says:

    Hello Polly,

    I must say that driving in France is quite a joy. The roads there are in fantastic condition.

    Unfortunately we are actually back in London, and yes, isn’t the weather dreadful? 😦

    Mr S.

  4. kyra says:

    Hi Mr Stace and Hi Polly

  5. kyra says:

    Polly, you have done alot for a short period of time.

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