So 5AS, what have you been up to so far this summer?

So far this summer my family and I have been in Sweden.  The first week we spent in Umea, which in found on the north east coast of the country.  There we visited Mrs Stace’s cafe on almost a daily basis to indulge ourselves in ice cream, waffles, freshly baked cakes and of course coffee.

Astrid and Kerstin enjoyed themselves immensely swimming in the sea every day!  We enjoyed the long evenings by the sea eating typically Swedish food, and singing Swedish songs.

On one particularly warm day, I joined some friends on a floating sauna, and we motored along Umea’s main river until we took a turn into a small lake.  There we found a rope swing!  It was incredibly scary and exciting.  Later that evening when we moored in town we were film by the local TV station and we even appeared on the news.  I’m pleased to say I was wearing my Rosendale sweatshirt!

I also “ripped it up” on a friend’s half pipe.  My friend built a half pipe for his 7 year old and 4 year son to play on.  However, I think that my friend used that as an excuse as he seems to use it more than anyone else!

Thereafter, we drove south to Stockholm and its archipelago, where we spent some time on a small island.  Whilst there we took the speedboat on excursions to secluded beaches, went fishing and swam in the sea.   Whilst walking around the island my daughters spotted lots of wild life, including foxes, deer, woodpeckers, eagles and even an adder; Astrid almost stepped on it!

Towards the end of our stay we had a crayfish party.  This is a traditional party in Sweden which takes place towards the middle of August which celebrates the end of the summer.   Everyone eats crayfish, pie and the adults drink beer and schnapps.  They also sing many schnapps songs!  Being so far north, autumn begins earlier in Sweden than it does in England, hence celebrating in mid August.

We all had a fantastic time!

Now 5AS, I’m looking forward to reading all about your summer holidays.  What have you been up to?  Write your accounts in the comments section, or if you have photos, post them on the blog.

(I’ll ask Mrs Taylor to give all respondents raffle tickets on your return to school!)

Mr S.

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