My Trip to Bournemouth

A couple of days ago my family and I went on a day trip to Bournemouth. It was organised by my grandparents and a club called AAF. We had to meet at the AAF building at 7:00 in the morning because the coach was leaving at 8:00.The AAF building is near our school but oppisite Sainsburys. Their were so many people that we didn’t end up leaving until 9:00, it took some time to get everybody into one double decker coach but luckliy Me, My sister Aaliyah, My brother Kyrell, My mum, My aunty Jac, her two children Kalyani and Joaquin and their brother Zavi got on the coach first so we were settled down before anybody. Finally our journey to Bournemouth began. It took us three hours to get their but for 2hours and a half from that I was sleeping. When we got their everybody I mentioned earlier went as one group around the beach. We had to walk on the sand and when we took off our shoes it was not a good look! This is what the beack looked like:

My Mother said that we could put our feet in the water so we did but it was freezing cold. 20 minutes later we went to go on some rides. The first ride we went on was the roundabout, it was really fun. Then we went to get our names done on wood (which I can bring into school) which turned out awsome. After that we went on a ghost train. It was so scary!! Their was this doll on a rope that looked real that made my brother cry. I felt so sorry for him because he was only 4. Then we went on this really fun rid where you would sit in a chair and it will go in the air and spin you around like crazy!! When we went on all the rides we went to the aquarium it was really expensive for 8 of us to go in so we went to the gift shop. In the gift shop I got an amethyst quartz take a look:

I could bring it in class to show everybody.

After that we went to the pier to get souverniers. I got a bracelet and my cousin Kalyani got a shell which was beautiful.

While walking on the pier we saw some gentleman fishing the caught 3 fishes in a row!!!

We had to meet back at the coach at 18:00(6:00 in 24hour clock)

My mum said we could get some sweets from the sweet shop and I got some chocolate mini eggs which tasted delicious.

Finally it was time to go home so everybody got the coach and we headed home.We didn’t reach home until 9:00 in the night.

When I got home I went fast asleep and that was my trip to Bournemouth.

By Kyra

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2 Responses to My Trip to Bournemouth

  1. Class 5AS says:


    What a great account of your trip to Bournemouth! Sounds like it was a long and enjoyable day out!

    Mr S.

  2. kyra says:

    Thank you Mr Stace.

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