The children have been given a spelling challenge sheet to complete over the weekend.


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  1. Paula says:

    Ci-Rho Symbol

  2. Tia says:

    This is going to be really fun.

  3. helena says:

    WESOME YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. helena says:


  5. nina says:


  6. niamh says:


  7. dylan Loffstadt hughes says:

    YES can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Polly says:

    I’ve found some great pics and I can’t wait to start on my statue. 🙂

  9. niamh says:


  10. niamh says:

    I can’t wait it’ll be so much fun!!!!!!!

  11. Nina Cazalet says:

    I designed my tent it’s so cool!!!!!!
    Nina : )

  12. Alf :) says:

    Ok sounds great

  13. Polly says:

    I love making tents!!!!! 😉

  14. Tia says:

    For the times tables challenge for homework i done the time in:20 mins

  15. leon says:

    For the speed time tables challange i did it in 8 minutes YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I done homework in four hours im not happy about it but at least i done it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. tia says:

    The speed challenge was great and awesome and i really love doing my times tables.

  18. niamh says:

    I have found out about a really cool site which tells you how to make your own mountaineers kit and what you need to use to actually make a kit. 🙂

  19. niamh says:

    I forgot to tell you that all you do to get on the website is type in…….. mountaineers kit :):) 🙂

  20. helena says:

    My speed tables time was 7 mins!!!!!!!!!!
    🙂 its an ok time! 😉

  21. niamh says:

    I found three of the most celebrated mountaineers that I think have achieved great things.

    1. Reinhold Messner
    He was one of the first people to climb mount Everest without bottled oxygen!
    2.George Mallory 1924 Maybe most famous mountaineer of all , He disappeared from mount Everest with his assistant, they have never been seen since!
    Maurice herzog 1950 french Maurice successfully summited a peak over 8 thousand meters above sea level Annapurna 1 8091m . His gloves were lost on the way up and poor Maurice lost most of his fingers and toes due to frostbite but luckily he made it down the mountain alive! He’s written a book called Annapurna and it’s very popular.

  22. niamh says:

    oops forgot the three on maurice herzog

  23. Dylan says:

    1. Marco Polo – Italian – 1254 – 1324 – Famous for the exploration of China and Asia.
    2. Sir Francis Drake – English – 1540 – 1597 – Famous for circumnavigating the World.
    3.Christopher Columbus – Italian / Spanish – 1451 – 1506 – Famous for Discovering the New World.

  24. nina says:

    1. Christopher Columbus :
    Fact: He had three ships called: The Nina (!!!!!!), The Pinta and The Santa Maria.
    He died thinking that he had reached India, where in fact he had discovered America.

    2. Neil Armstrong : On July 20 1969 he became the first person (human being) to walk on the moon (I guess hes a explorer) . His first words on the moon were “thats one small step for a man but one giant leap for man kind ”

    3. Roald Amundsen. He was the first explorer to reach the South Pole and the first to take a ship through the Northwest Passage. He was also one of the first to to cross the Arctic by air. He wanted to be the first man to go to the North Pole. But American Robert Peary got there first in 1909. When Amundsen found out, he decided to be the first man to reach the South Pole.
    Nina (Homework)

  25. nina says:

    Soz did not see what dylan did about
    Christopher Columbus NEVER MIND

  26. zai says:

    First to climb everest: Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay on may 29, 1953.
    First person to climb everest solo: Reinhold Messner on August 20, 1980.
    First women to climb everest Junko Tabei on May 16, 1975.


    • niamh says:

      actually its mark .. niamhs dad … nice to see you’ve found a woman explorer zai … anymore lady explorer’s out there 5AS ?

  27. Sally B says:

    oh hi Niamh’s dad 🙂

  28. Rhiana :P says:

    that was supposed to be me not my mum.

  29. Alf says:

    Ok i’ll read abook.(I love purple mash).

  30. nina says:

    My book review on
    Reality TV nightmare

    By Dee Shulman
    This book is one of my favourite books or shall i say my favourite i think it is especially good for kids my age. I like it because it explains her weird a wonderful life and that she writes it in her diary. The animation in the book is very funny. Some of it is in a comic strip style and some of it looks like the person has drawn it in and then stuck it in! I like that there are some pictures from real life that are stuck in her diary and that they show what her mum looks like in real life. The main characters are Polly Price, Arabella Diamond and Vanilla Moonfire. Polly Price is the kid of Arabella Diamond who is supposed to be writing the diary and explain her wonderful life. She is the daughter of Arabella – the mother of HELL!!!
    Arabella Diamond is an actress who is so full of her self taking no notice of Polly whatsoever.
    Vanilla Moonfire is Arabella’s personal trainer. She is obsessed with dark forces and the whale song!??? and she made Polly wear an amulet to keep way the dark forces.
    I would recommend this book to all the girls in my class because i think they would all find it very funny. I would give it a five star rating from me!

    book review by Nina Cazalet : )!

  31. polly says:

    I read lots of books over the holidays.

    Book reviews.
    Author: Holly Webb.
    Rose is about a girl who gets adopted and works for magician. I like this book because it’s an adventure with magic. It was a very intriguing story, but I don’t suggest that you read it at bed time because its a bit scary at times. My rating for this book is 9\10.

    Flood and Fang
    Author: Marcus Sedgwick.
    This story is about a raven and his supernatural human family. It is a funny and exciting story. I think the illustrations were very good. I would give this book a rating of 8\10.

    The Dragonfly Pool
    Author:Eva Ibbotson.
    Set just before the second world war a girl called Tally gets sent to a boarding school. She helps an Italian prince to escape from the Nazis. I felt this story was very moving, but I got a bit bored when some of the story got a bit similar. I would give this a 7/10.

    I was Jane Austen’s Best Friend.
    Author: Cora Harrison
    This is one of my favourite books. It is written like a diary by Jane Austen’s cousin Jenny Cooper. It’s a romance about Jenny falling in love and Jane helping her. I love this book because it’s got mostly all the things that I like about books: beautiful dresses, dances, secrets, gossip and romance and it is set a few hundred years ago. I love historical books.
    I would rate this 10/10.

  32. ossie says:

    I watched the Royal Wedding today, here is a list of what I thought was interesting :
    1.William driving in his car an Asotn martin soft top.
    2.Bullet/bomb proof cars.
    3.Trees in the Abbey
    4.Royal crest on prince/princess/queens car.
    5.Trumpeters for the queen.
    6.Kate wearing the queens tiara from the1930’s.
    7.Kate and william driving back from the wedding in the golden carriage from the 1920’s.
    8.I have never seen so many people before!!!!!!!!!!! =0 =0 =0 =0 =0

    • rps5as says:

      That’s great Ossie! By the way, how are you enjoying your new book? Who are the main characters?

      • Ossie says:

        The main character is called Tom and he has to defeat Zepha the giant squid and retrieve the golden helmet from him.
        How Zepha died was unexpected because Serpon the sea serpant (A good beast from another beast quest book.) kills Zepha himself. Here are some more characters from the book,
        Elena(Tom’s side kick.)
        Silver(Elena’s wolf.)
        and Storm (Toms horse.)

      • ossie says:

        When you reach me.
        By Rebecca Stead.
        Jamaal leant me this book,its mostly about time travel and friendship.Its set in a 12 year old girls neibourhood in New Yorck.
        I found it difficult to follow because it was very complicated and the ideas of time were difficult to understand.
        I liked the way she described the characters.
        I would rate this book 4\5. 😉

      • rps5as says:

        Ossie, that is a great book review. I can understand why a book about time travel might be complicated!

        Who was your favourite character, and what was it about them that appealed to you?

        Mr S.

  33. Alf says:

    Ok i’ve got alot of pics already


  34. niamh says:

    did you watch the royal wedding, i am so glad the dress was Mc queen!!!!kate looked amazing!

  35. ossie says:

    My favourite character in ‘When you reach me’ is the laughing man who is a homeless man that Mira the main character has to pass to and from school.
    He is very weird and you never know what he is going to do next and he always says “Book,bag,pocket,shoe.” He is a very important part in the story.

  36. Rebeka says:


    Supersonic speed is a object traveling fasther than the speed of sound.

  37. Rebeka says:


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